(fixed snare) Rockbox cajon

Looks the same as the pro model Rockbox cajon, but with a fixed snare.
The new fixed snare model rockbox has a 25 strand fixed snare attached from the top of the cajon, quite unique in the world of cajons.
The pros and cajons(couldn't help myself) of this are....
1)Pro; The price is just $350 for an Australian made Rockbox that sounds great!
2)Pro; Like the Pro model cajon it's made from all sustainable plantation timbers, Pine timber frame with plywood back and front.
3)Pro; Will support 130 kg.
1) Con; Snare system is a much simpler design and is set in a fixed position by me and although I always do my best, it lacks the flexibility to adjust the snare, the thing that makes the Pro model Rockbox so special.
2) Con; Inability to totally isolate the snare whilst hitting the bass.
3) The New fixed snare design cajon comes with just a 1 year Workmanship warranty.
In saying this there is no built in obsolescence in any of my products and I foresee the drum lasting a long long time with care.

Workmanship warranty:
This guarantees it's quality and craftsmanship, this does not mean
it's indestructible!
Workmanship warranty: does not include freight charges to and from for overseas buyers.
The front hitting panel is just 3mm thickness and is not guaranteed against breaking.
Meaning if you put your hand through it while playing it's not under warranty.
The internal snare system is made extremely well but not indestructible, there is really
no reason to touch it once in tune, so I suggest don't.
The snare wires should only be touched with care and can easily be bent out of shape( like any drum snare)
creating a rattle, rather than a crisp snare sound.
If it's in tune and sounds great, leave it that way. Don't let your friend put his hand through
the sound hole feeling around to see how it works, my warranty doesn't cover this.




 Filmed at Manly beach Australia, Rockbox workshop
Jamie and Anthony from Allensworth jam out front of my workshop on the new model fixed snare model Rockbox cajon.
Filmed almost on the road in front of the workshop with the panasonic hs900 camera.
Jamie's playing my ancient Kasuga guitar through a Roland street cube and Anthony on his new Rockbox cajon drum.
WoW ! not filters, effects, or audio editing, just the pure sweet sound of Allensworth.
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Price $350
Pick up only, email to make an appointment


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